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Windows Server administrators: Take time to hone these skills


Get familiar with new Windows Server security enhancements

Source:  enisaksoy/Getty Images
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

While you've heard to be mindful of Windows Server security measures for decades, there are two main reasons why administrators should spend some extra time to hone their defensive skills today.

News reports have put cybersecurity squarely in the spotlight. A long chain of high-profile hacks have organizations of all sizes rethinking their approach to security to counter evolving threats. Your company could be the next one attacked.

Microsoft developed features into Windows Server 2016 to increase protection around systems connected to the server operating system. This added emphasis on Windows Server security goes beyond new functionality, such as Hyper-V shielded virtual machines. Many of the innovations in Windows Server 2016 have some kind of measure geared to protect the environment, even if Microsoft does not explicitly characterize them as security features.

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