Social Marketing: Does it Pay to Be First for Technology Marketers?

Garrett Mann
Garrett Mann

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It seems like new social media platforms are coming on to the scene every day. In some cases, what works today, does not always work tomorrow. This insightful post from Content Marketing Institute does a great job of providing some cautionary advice for marketers around embracing new social channels and platforms and counsels marketers to take a wait and see approach before diving in headfirst.

This is very good insight, but is it the right advice for technology marketers? We have talked  a lot in the pages of this blog about the advantages of leveraging social media within your marketing and sales efforts, but do tech marketers gain true upside when embracing new social mediums? In order to find the answer to this question, we need to start by looking at the audience of technology buyers to understand their social media habits.

Social Media Habits of Technology Buyers

According to recent Eccolo Media study on B2B technology content, 62% of B2B technology buyers have received vendor content via social media in the last six months. In terms of platforms, LinkedIn leads the way, followed by Facebook, YouTube, and further down the list, Twitter. While these platforms are certainly growing in usage for IT pros, this group would not be considered early adopters when it comes to social media. While social networks can certainly be very effective in helping to bolster engagement and aid follow-up efforts with identified buyers, when it comes to researching solutions related to a project, their social preference is for IT-related social communities and/or user groups.

Focus on Quality

As my  colleague Peter Ross points out, technology buyers are extremely time challenged and like to consume content in bite-sized packages. While this would lend itself to social media platforms, we have seen that IT pros are not the type to automatically be influenced by the latest and greatest social platforms, widgets, or services. All of these are mainly a means to an end for distributing content that it is useful and relevant to them. That being said, in order to increase your mindshare with a very busy audience, sometimes you have to take chances and be first to the punch with a new way of delivering your content and messaging. Either way, before you launch your latest and greatest campaign targeting IT pros on SnapChat or any other brand new social channel, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you sure they are using it? Do your research.
  2. Are you sharing relevant, useful content? This is another way to convey and direct your customers to your content and messaging – make sure its on-point.
  3. Are you using the service appropriately? Don’t force fit existing messaging into new channels. Assimilate and embrace the environment and customize your message accordingly.

If you have had any success using new social channels to engage technology buyers, please leave a comment and share with the audience. if you are interested in connecting further, feel free to reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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