Responsibility in Retargeting


Have you noticed how those new running shoes you checked out on Wednesday for your race on Friday have since followed you to your favorite runner’s blog, popped into your […]

Color use in technology marketing: If you don’t use blue, does your marketing suck?

I found out that mine does, and I’m okay with it Someone recently forwarded me this infographic, and it immediately reminded me of a meeting years ago, when as a […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Susan Hass, VCE

susan hass VCE

Susan Hass directs branding, corporate events, and web properties at VCE, the market leader in converged infrastructure and one of the fastest growing cloud infrastructure companies today. As Senior Director […]

Trend Watch: Native Advertising

Native Advertising

Two of the biggest trends to shape  technology marketing  in the past 3 years are the advent of Content Marketing and the ever-growing notion of Brands as Publishers. In many ways, marketing has become […]

4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Plans Shouldn’t Take a Summer Vacation

Summer Marketing plans

Taking on the Myth of the Summer Marketing Slowdown Now that the sun is hanging around longer and the weather is starting to get warmer, we are all starting to […]

Brand management in the era of DIY: Get tactical

DIY brand management

Some 20-something relatives are shopping for their first house this spring, with big, optimistic thoughts of landing that perfect starter home that ticks off all their boxes. After spending exhaustive […]

Trend Watch: Real-Time Marketing

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Although not a new buzzword by any means, I have been hearing a lot about real-time marketing lately – mainly on the heels of the data analytics and intelligence boom […]

How context, utility, and portability are driving the new school of branding

It is Fall and if you are like any of the millions of NFL fans like me, it means that most weeks, in addition to marketing, you have football on […]

5 ways to turn your sales staff into social media superheroes

It’s no surprise, or at least I hope it isn’t a surprise by now, but business to business is becoming much more social by leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube […]

Do You YouTube?

More and more IT Pros watch online videos It wasn’t long ago YouTube was considered the video sharing service where you would only go to watch videos of skateboarding squirrels […]

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