Trend watch: Content marketing in 2014

content marketing 2014

Ask any number of marketers what is top of mind for them these days, I have no doubt that content marketing will make the list for 9 out of 10. […]

More context on Context Marketing

Recently I noticed a lot buzz around context marketing so I started poking around the usual marketing hubs to get more “context” around this topic. It got me wondering what […]

Social Media: An essential component of effective content marketing

Savvy content marketers aren’t just limiting themselves to email marketing and content promotion through their own websites. Social media has become an important component of a successful B2B content marketing […]

Profiling leads: Don’t just look in the shopping cart, read the ingredients

I recall a discussion that took place in one of my MBA marketing courses about looking at the behaviors and characteristics of prospects to build a profile. The exercise that […]

Buyers have changed – why haven’t you?

In IT, this a certain undeniable truth that has developed over the last number of years: THE BUYER IS IN CONTROL. I know it, you know it, the buyers know […]

Getting content from content

You’d basically have to live in a bubble to escape the superfluity of content marketing content getting published today (literally 18.1m Google results last I looked).   And if you’re following […]

Four reasons to attend the TechTarget Boston ROI Summit

As a tech marketer, I’ve spent much of my career managing marketing programs at a big blue chip tech company followed by a few years at a smaller tech start-up. […]

Do You YouTube?

More and more IT Pros watch online videos It wasn’t long ago YouTube was considered the video sharing service where you would only go to watch videos of skateboarding squirrels […]

Is ‘content marketing’ really just plain old marketing?

Over the last couple of years, ‘content marketing’ has become a very hot (and arguably, over-used) concept in the online marketing world, with many marketers focusing in on becoming more […]

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