Re-Thinking Company Size Filters for International Demand Generation

international demand generation filters

If you are a global technology marketer tasked with launching or extending your North American programs into international markets, there are a number of challenges that you must deal with, […]

Trend Watch: Social Lead Generation

social lead generation

As a B2B marketer, you often live or die by the number of leads you generate for your sales teams. For many of those marketers, email is still the number […]

Lead Management: 3 Things Marketers Don’t Know

Lead Management Confusion

If marketers were required to defend their lead generation strategy, the hard work of their teams and the initiatives they take to generate opportunities for their sales organizations, how successful […]

Trend Watch: Email marketing

Trend Watch: Email marketing

There is no shortage of new hot marketing trends, tactics, and buzzwords that B2B marketers have in their arsenal from Agile Marketing to Behavioral Targeting to Content Marketing. We could […]

More context on Context Marketing

Recently I noticed a lot buzz around context marketing so I started poking around the usual marketing hubs to get more “context” around this topic. It got me wondering what […]

Using customer insight to make data-driven marketing decisions

Has the implementation of your marketing plan become routine—spending more on current programs if the marketing budget increases and pulling back as budgets tighten? Regardless of the size of your […]

Dispelling the myth of online lead marketplaces

The evolution of lead marketplaces are certainly interesting and something that we as marketers are seeing more and more of. Vendors are showing interest in what they perceive as an […]

Long gone are the days of having to merely ‘believe’

The goal of B2B marketing has always stayed constant with the need and want to influence real active projects. If I think back to the days of college where I […]

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