The Challenges of Marketing to the European CIO

Bridging the gap between business and technology, the role of the CIO is like no other and striking the right balance with messaging continues to be a challenge for marketers. […]

Getting to Know Today’s Latin American Technology Buyer [Infographic]

latin american technology buyer infographic snippet

How can technology marketers best influence Latin American Technology buyers? When it comes to technology buying, Latin America is growing exponentially and technology marketers must make sure they set their […]

Profiling leads: Don’t just look in the shopping cart, read the ingredients

I recall a discussion that took place in one of my MBA marketing courses about looking at the behaviors and characteristics of prospects to build a profile. The exercise that […]

Think you know what international IT buyers are looking for from marketers? Think again.

If you are a global or regional marketer who is responsible  for overseeing, planning, executing, and driving international results from multi-region an/or country-specific marketing programs, then you will want to […]

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