It’s Time to Ditch the Phone Book Approach to Sales and Marketing

Most well-intentioned B2B technology marketers put the best interests of their customers ahead of everything else.  These customer-centric marketers spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort and resources to better […]

A Holiday Wish List for Technology Marketers

holiday wish list

Well, its that time of year again. The Holidays are in full swing and technology marketers are busy making their lists and checking them twice to make sure that they don’t […]

5 Reasons Why Late Stage Leads are Only a Small Piece of the Puzzle

late stage leads small piece of puzzle

All of you technology marketers have undoubtedly heard from your sales counterparts countless times that they want more late stage leads who are “ready to buy”. This sounds great on paper – […]

11 Reasons I’m Thankful That I’m Not in Sales

11 reasons tech marketers are thankful they aren't in technology sales

After a satisfying Thanksgiving meal and the benefit of a few days off to reflect, I thought I’d talk about something I’m thankful for this year. I am thankful that […]

The Need for a More Intelligence-Driven Sales Approach [Infographic]

To stand out from the competition, and close more deals, sales must become more intelligence-driven With a large quantity of information on solutions and vendors readily available to them, technology buyers […]

Data is a Marketer’s Best Friend

marketing data is a marketer's best friend

Long gone are the days that marketers could come up with nifty ad campaigns with no regard for the results they delivered. The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing has put […]

Integrated Marketing: The Whole is Only as Good as the Sum of Its Parts

whole only good as parts

More often than not, as marketers, our strategic shift can become very one-dimensional. Instead of seeing the big picture, and combining different strategic tactics, we often lean towards the road […]

7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

As digital marketing has unfolded it has been full of promises to simplify our lives, but the reality is that digital marketing has complicated them more than ever. As a result, […]

Breaking Bad… Marketing Habits

As a marketer, have you ever wondered whether or not you’re doing your marketing right?  I’ll admit, I second guess myself all the time: Am I building the right content? […]

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