The Challenges of Marketing to the European CIO

Bridging the gap between business and technology, the role of the CIO is like no other and striking the right balance with messaging continues to be a challenge for marketers. […]

Dumbing Marketing Up for the C-Level

c-level exec reading content

Many times, when I work with enterprise technology clients on white papers, I get asked to distill content down into a C-Level “Executive Brief.” The client wants to give the […]

Understanding Senior IT Management Priorities [Infographic]

senior IT manager

How Technology Marketers Can Influence Senior IT Management Reaching and influencing Senior IT leaders is often a top objective for technology marketers. This infographic helps you get a better profile of this important audience and […]

4 things you want to know about how Senior IT Executives do research

If you’re building and/or executing a persona-based approach to your marketing (hint: by now, you should be) there’s little doubt that Executive IT has emerged as a target for your […]

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