Intent Data + Partner Marketing: Six Innovative Use Cases that Drive Pipeline

partner demand generation

While many demand gen marketers are using intent data to drive better campaign outcomes, it’s been more challenging for partner and channel marketers to incorporate intent into their complex go-to-market […]

3 Critical Elements of a Successful Partner Marketing Plan

partner marketing plan

As more and more pressure is placed on partner marketing teams to execute and scale their programs, having a strong plan in place is critical to the road to success. […]

Expert Insights to Build and Measure Partner ROI More Effectively

measuring partner ROI

No matter what stage of your partner marketing evolution, identifying and understanding ROI helps keep up the momentum. For the latest insights into how organizations are developing partner programs that […]

3 Ways to Build Partner Marketing Impact

partner marketing impact

Within the expansive partner marketing ecosystem, B2B tech organizations rush to build out a wide variety of tactical activity. It’s a very action-oriented space, and yet, as we move deeper […]

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