Targeting the midmarket

Over the past year, many IT organizations have named midmarket organizations as the sweet spot of their lead generation goals.  Gartner has even showcased this segment as the fastest growing in ’06 – ’07.  Last year, TechTarget even launched a C-level magazine targeted to the Midmarket (CIO Decisions).  With this growth, I began researching what the best way was to reach these midmarket companies.  Better yet, what is the definition of a midmarket company?  By our standards, midsize is qualified as $50 M to $1B in annual revenue or 100 to 5,000 employees (for more information visit “Seizing the Midmarket Opportunity for IT”).  How have you defined it?  Is it revenue based or determined by the number of workstations?  Have you seen trends in how midmarket’s consume information (i.e. specific types of content)?

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    I’ve seen the definitions of mid-market vary quite a bit, but I’ve used the $50 of $100M to $1B range. I’ve found that the trick with mid-market is getting salespeople to want to sell there. Some “enterprise” sales folks seem to want the bragging rights that come withselling to big name logos. It just doesn’t seem to count as much if no one has heard of your customer. Yet mid-sized firms often bring the healthiest business: greater loyalty, less apt to do price squeezing and make other unreasonable demands. Go figure!

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