Tech Marketer Talks: Raigan Irwin-McCabe, Insight

Sandra Nangeroni
Sandra Nangeroni

Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

TechTarget Partner InsightRaigan Irwin-McCabe is the Marketing Manager of Campaigns at Insight and is a TechTarget customer. Insight has been running multi-faceted programs with TechTarget including custom content creation, custom events, and demand generation and we recently had the opportunity to catch up with Raigan to learn about some of Insight’s key objectives and how they are achieving their marketing goals.

Can you tell us a little about Insight and what your marketing role involves?

Insight Enterprises, Inc. is a leading technology provider of hardware, software and service solutions focused on helping organizations in the areas of Office Productivity, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Mobility, Network and Security, Data Center and Virtualization, Data Protection and Cloud.

As Marketing Manager of Campaigns, and I am responsible for the strategy and execution of end-to-end campaigns. we take a 360approach to marketing including awareness, education, demand generation, sales enablement and engagement. I am heavily involved in marketing program strategies and architecting campaigns for Insight’s primary and secondary technology partners.

How are you measured – is it on number of leads generated, how much business is closed, number of campaigns you run, or something else?

I am measured on pretty much all of the above. Marketing is measured on the number of campaigns for and with partners, the number of leads we generate, and ultimately, closed business tied to those programs.

How do you qualify leads for sales?

We classify them by MQL and SQL. We instituted a scoring system contingent on the number of touches we create before we send leads to sales. We rank the leads based on activities they have taken, and we provide the digital history we have collected on that lead.

How would you rate your relationship with sales?

It has been interesting as it used to be very silo’d and now it is starting to become more of partnership. We are bringing them in earlier now so they have a better understanding at the inception of the campaign what the objectives are. This helps them better understand the digital history behind the leads that get passed from each campaign and the nurturing process involved along the way.

What types of intelligence are you leveraging in your marketing?

Since working with TechTarget and leveraging their Activity Intelligence â„¢, we now have the ability to understand where each lead is looking for information, how long they have been looking, and what type of content they are engaging with across the board. We can essentially follow their journey all the way down the funnel to understand their profile and what is important to them. This is essential for establishing a digital relationship which gives us more intelligence in how to market to those profiles.

How important is data analytics to your marketing?

Data analytics is crucial to marketing at Insight. It allows us to make decisions around real behavior leads are taking. Before we had to make assumptions and educated guesses – now we have actual data to base it off of. As mentioned earlier, we also rely on the Activity Intelligence TechTarget collects on each lead we could not otherwise get internally. We can then share that with our sales teams so they can have conversations that are more relevant to each lead.

What partners are you working with and how is Insight helping to drive more business with them?

We have different levels of partners, some that are technology based all the way up to big blue chip partners such as Cisco, HP, Intel, NetApp, IBM, and Dell. One of the goals we had in working with our partners was to bring disparate partners together and figure out a way they could play together using well thought-out campaigns to drive Insight’s message out to the marketplace with a complete solution story.

We have been working with TechTarget and utilizing a solution called a UniSite. A UniSite is a custom microsite that allows Insight and its partners to live in one central place on the same platform but with real estate for each partner to tell their own value proposition as it relates to the “Insight” story. Our partners are very excited about the UniSite. As leads come in they can see what assets of theirs are being downloaded, what is being consumed, and if their message is resonating – making it a living breathing campaign. If they need to adjust and swap out assets to present themselves or their value proposition better, they easily can. It also allows for friendly competition among our partners to compare how they represent themselves.  This solution has really helped us deliver our complete and comprehensive solution story to the market.

How would you characterize TechTarget leads in terms of quality?

TechTarget leads have provided tremendous value to our core sales force. With each lead we get a snapshot into the behavior and the journey they are taking. For example, TechTarget isolates actions leads are taking such as assets being downloaded, what buying team members are participating in the process, and the business units they’re interested in. As we pass that intelligence onto sales, they understand a lead is not just a name but has a story in and of itself and who the characters are in that story. It enables sales to have different conversations depending on their digital behavior associated with that character. As marketers we can then create our messaging and create campaign messaging that best applies to those individual profiles.

What role does the TechTarget team have in the success of your programs and marketing investments?

The TechTarget team is invaluable and has really become an extension of our marketing department and acted as a real partner with us. They are extremely organized, strategic, and just as interested in the success of the outcome as we are. TechTarget’s name is a constant within our company – it started with the relationship, and they have built an incredible level of trust and partnership with us.

What advice do you have for other marketers when trying to determine if they should use media partner?

My advice to other marketers is to evaluate if doing things in-house is the best way or not. At Insight we reached a point where we needed to get leads out faster to our partners, scale them more efficiently and more quickly reach targeted audiences we couldn’t reach on our own. Working with TechTarget, we found a partner who could provide that full service from custom creation, to UniSites to complete execution on custom events. They are equally invested in our program success and in the end want me to look good. Most importantly, they have earned my trust and this is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a media partner.

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