Technology Buyers Are Hungry for Snackable Content

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

You’ve probably heard a lot about marketers using more “snackable content” lately, the type of bite-sized content that is easy to consume, easy to understand and easy to share with co-workers. If you are a technology marketer, snackable content is exactly what your audience of technology buyers is looking for.

At our most recent ROI Summit for tech marketers in San Francisco, we hosted a discussion with Jonathan Reichental, CIO for the city of Palo Alto, who highlighted his own content preferences when researching various IT solutions. He explained to the audience that he personifies the average IT pro who reads the equivalent of a novel a day when you combine all the daily content he consumes in the form of emails, tweets, blogs, quotes, texts, headlines, white papers, infographics etc. Based on their perpetually increasing workload, IT pros are overworked on top of their responsibility to stay up to speed on new technology solutions while maintaining their existing infrastructures.  The moral of the story is that IT pros have less time than ever before to consume your marketing content.

What can technology marketers do about it?

My colleague Brent Rapisardi recently posted an insightful blog with sage advice for tech marketers which explains that when it comes to your content, bigger isn’t always better and there are many ways you can re-purpose and carve up some of your existing longer form content to meet the needs of your attention deficient customers. Producing more snackable content is an effective way to deliver short bursts of information to your buyers and get them up to speed quickly and efficiently.  Here are a few examples of snackable content from some well-known technology companies  which showcase how it can resonate with technology buyers and encourage them to take a “taste” of your value proposition and messaging:

Twitter: 140 characters makes brevity the only option

Vine videos: 6 seconds or less to make your point

Infographics: People think in pictures, not words

snackable content infographic
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Goin’ Mobile

There are many more examples of content that can be transformed into quality snackable assets such as provocative headlines, pithy quotes, images, photos, memes, GIFs, animated white boards, among others. The common denominator is that all of these assets are mobile-friendly which is critically important since more IT pros are relying exclusively on their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to access information on social networks, targeted technology websites, IT communities and vendor websites.

The most appetizing snackable content is short and sweet

Get started today by simply re-purposing and recycling some of your existing content to build greater awareness of your overall content strategy. By creating these snackable content teasers, you’ll be creating more easy entry points for your audience to sample more of your messaging and engage with more of your content in smaller, consumable bites.

In the spirit of making this blog snackable, feel free to share (in our comment section below) any of your best examples of quick-hitting, impactful pieces of bite-sized content that IT pros can’t resist.

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