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  • August 15, 2017 15 Aug'17

    Expect service providers to ease Azure Stack deployment

    Azure Stack will be ready in September. But given the product's complexity, early customers might think about working with a service provider.

  • February 09, 2016 09 Feb'16

    Mobile enterprise application delivery struggles to catch on

    Refactoring, virtualization and other enterprise application delivery methods have a tough hill to climb in the age of Web and native mobile apps.

  • February 09, 2016 09 Feb'16

    Enterprise wearables have a long way to go

    Wearable devices have generated a lot of hype, but they still aren't ready for the enterprise. The reason: These devices still need better apps to make them valuable for business users. The cover story in this issue of Modern Mobility explores the state of enterprise wearables, assesses potential use cases and looks at the security challenges that still remain.

    In a brand new column this month, analyst Maribel Lopez explains why IT shops need to take business objectives into account when planning mobile initiatives. Device Spotlight features Microsoft's foray into the laptop market with the Surface Book, and our Trending article digs into the latest on biometric authentication. And in this month's Q&A, end-user computing expert Matt Kosht explains why virtual mobile infrastructure and application refactoring are still niche technologies.

  • July 27, 2015 27 Jul'15

    Virtualization trends from BriForum 2015 center on mobility

    BriForum 2015 included its usual focus on VDI, but the virtualization community is searching for ways to deal with mobility, too. Several vendors showcased advancements in app refactoring and virtual mobile infrastructure.

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  • VMI won’t find a long-term role in mobile app deployment

    Throughout the movie Mean Girls, resident gossip Gretchen Wieners tries to make the word “fetch” catch on as a substitute for something great or cool. For instance, you might say, “That jacket is ... Continue Reading

  • technical debt

    In software development, technical debt is a metaphor equating Extreme Programming’s incremental, get-something-started approach with the easy acquisition of money through fast loans. Like monetary debt, technical debt must be repaid. Continue Reading

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  • Mobilizing enterprise apps depends on management strategy

    Applications are the engine that makes mobility run. This chapter covers the different approaches to bringing enterprise software functionality to smartphones and tablets. Options include in-house development, third-party apps, virtualization and application refactoring. Organizations must ensure that internally developed apps are consistent. Third-party and off-the-shelf apps offer flexibility and economies of scale, but they shouldn't require much customization, or the time and money saved is lost. Mobile application management (MAM) is often included with enterprise mobility management tools, but it can also be found as a standalone utility. A mobile security strategy and MAM should account for device loss, malware, and separation of personal and enterprise apps and data. Threats are constantly evolving. IT should also know mobile security best practices such as app containerization, dual persona and controls over document sharing. Continue Reading

  • DaaS is not the way to deliver Windows apps to mobile devices

    DaaS has a lot of practical uses, but using it to deliver Windows applications to mobile devices is not one of them. Combine a DaaS tool with app refactoring, and now you're talking. Continue Reading

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