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  • February 03, 2017 03 Feb'17

    AV security - unwelcome guests and visual oversight?

    Just who and what have you got connected to the network? If it was just a matter of regular IT products and employees, that would be hard enough. Now all manner of smart devices and itinerant ...

  • January 05, 2017 05 Jan'17

    The convergence of AV and IT

    Developments in both audio visual (AV) and information technology (IT) are leading to a ‘convergence’ of the two sectors. This is similar to what has already happened in other markets once open, ...

  • June 25, 2015 25 Jun'15

    Deluxe OnDemand uses Scality Ring to streamline its media workflow

    Deluxe OnDemand stores up to 2 PB on Scality Ring object storage to improve performance while saving millions in its video and audio workflow

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  • microphone hacking

    Microphone hacking is the unauthorized interception of audio data captured through the microphone on a computer, smartphone or other device. Continue Reading

  • electret microphone

    An electret microphone is a widely-used electronic communications and audio recording device. The devices are a type of condenser microphone. Continue Reading

  • 3D audio (three-dimensional audio)

    3D audio is a simulation of the natural positioning of sounds for various applications including video presentations and games, virtual environments and sound stages. 3D audio relies on a variety of technologies to create a more life-like or dramatic immersive experience for music, movies, video and video games as well as virtual reality (VR). Continue Reading

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