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  • Cloud storage challenges and choices

    Our comprehensive e-book tackles the cloud storage challenges and business decisions that surround cloud storage investments, and breaks them into three areas of concentration: architecture, availability and return on investment.

    Get the latest updates on architectural choices when using the cloud for storage, including cloud controllers and application programming interfaces. We provide a short list of technical capabilities to look for in a cloud controller and questions to ask your service provider. Learn which metrics your peers are using to determine if cloud storage projects are meeting their potential, and what sort of service levels you can expect from providers or hybrid projects. Discover how to leverage the most cutting-edge cloud technologies and how not to get taken advantage of when choosing a cloud storage strategy/service. Continue Reading

  • Cloud storage architecture vs. local storage

    Expert Brien Posey explains how cloud gateways can help to make cloud storage seamlessly available to a local network. Continue Reading

  • Access data more efficiently with automated storage tiering and flash

    Greg Schulz discusses some of the key principles of automated storage tiering and some of the considerations facing IT administrators in this Q&A. Continue Reading

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