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  • Better Tableau implementation gives BI dashboards a boost

    Building good Tableau dashboards is about more than just pretty visualizations. Users say the process should incorporate strong data management practices and a sharp business strategy.Continue Reading

  • Barbecue chain eyes using Alexa to augment BI dashboards in kitchens

    Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants plans to use Amazon Alexa so franchisees can get operational data while cooking, with dashboards still available for querying outside the barbecue pit.Continue Reading

  • Tips on how to get the most out of data dashboard software

    When used right, data dashboards can lead to major business value. But planning and the overall user experience are both key to getting the most out of them, consultant Mico Yuk says.Continue Reading

  • Three BI dashboard best practices you need to know

    As companies struggle with BI integration, Microsoft has figured out the magic formula with its Power BI dashboard. Here are the three BI dashboard best practices you should follow.Continue Reading

  • Data-driven innovation needed in businesses -- and dog shelters

    Innovation driven by data analytics is important, not only to companies, but also to dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters. SAS best practices consultant Jill Dyché explains why.Continue Reading

  • Effective data visualization crystallizes a company's crystal ball

    What's in your toolbox? October's issue of Business Information turns the tables and puts that burning question to Capital One and several other business intelligence and data analytics software users. As the burgeoning worlds of structured and unstructured data collide, companies see urgency in predicting consumer behavior, technology trends and marketplace hiccups. Predictive analytics can foretell the future, but peering into a crystal ball chock full of statistics is tantamount to walking through a strange town with no street signs. Effective data visualization tools are the street signs in the form of easy-to-understand charts, graphs, illustrations and more. Visualized data helps business executives make sense of the analytics and arms them with the ammunition they need to see the big picture and formulate intelligent corporate, marketing and sales decisions. In a TechTarget survey on planned software investments, predictive analytics and data visualization tools top the list of BI and analytics technologies. But visualized data goes far beyond presentations for business executives.

    In our cover story, reporter Ed Burns reveals that data scientists and analytics managers at companies like Capital One,, BuildingIQ, ArcBest and Omega Point Research rely heavily on effective data visualization throughout the analytics process, from initial exploration to predictive modeling to reporting results. "Visualization is the bread and butter," says Boris Savkovic, lead data scientist at BuildingIQ. "It helps expose patterns over time as well as patterns between different variables."

    The surge in predictive analytics and visualization tools can be largely attributed to the rise of big data. For IT teams charged with assembling big data architectures, editor Craig Stedman, in another feature, examines the abundance of technologies available and, paradoxically, the complications that creates. And therein lies the rub. "To pull it all together, I can say that 10 people didn't sleep for a year," relates Vinoth Chandar, Uber senior software engineer.

    Also in this issue, learn how a security expert and cryptographer is using big data analytics and the cloud to make open source code safe for app developers and off-limits to hackers.

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  • Expert: Collaborative Power BI in Office 365 is undervalued

    Power BI has collaboration features that make data more actionable and transparent. But users aren't always educated about these features.Continue Reading

  • How does SAP Lumira support four critical supply chain KPIs?

    Gaining visibility tops the list of supply chain management challenges. Here's a look at how the Lumira's dashboard of key performance indicators can help.Continue Reading

  • Big data visualization refines the analytics picture

    Data scientists and analysts who spend a lot of their time parsing through data often find that their coworkers aren't as in tune with all of that information and what it means. Luckily, big data visualization helps analysts present information to others in their organization. But in order for big data visualization to help, it needs to be done with care. This handbook can help readers get there.

    The first article, by consultant David Loshin, covers the importance of catering data visualizations to your audience and telling a clear story with your graphics. The second, by Senior News Writer Ed Burns, examines the different approaches and tools organizations are using to analyze and visualize information. And the final article, by consultant David A. Teich, shows how businesses have been telling stories with data for years and demonstrates how their approach needs to change in response to new technology.

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  • Smart city technology paves the way on Nevada highways

    The internet of things helps enable smart city efforts. States like Nevada are using IoT-enabled cameras on highways to relieve traffic congestion.Continue Reading

  • How to measure process performance with a well-designed dashboard

    An expert in benchmarking for performance management reveals how process performance is hard to analyze without a dashboard that provides the right context.Continue Reading

  • How data democratization can enhance decision making

    In order to have a positive effect on decision making, users need access to data that is accurate, digestible and updated in real time. But that's easier said than done.Continue Reading

  • BI self-service tools need middle ground on use, governance

    Deployments of self-service BI and data discovery tools need to be governed to keep things in order. But finding the right balance between user freedom and IT oversight isn't always easy.Continue Reading

  • Should I integrate SAP Predictive Analytics with Lumira?

    SAP Predictive Analytics extends SAP Lumira with the efficient handling of voluminous data that the in-memory platform SAP HANA processes.Continue Reading

  • Open source cloud tools offer risk, reward with AWS

    Logging AWS resources can be cumbersome, but is necessary to ensure nothing goes awry. Open source tools help aggregate and visualize AWS resource data.Continue Reading