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  • Use of data analytics boosts small businesses

    The use of data analytics by small businesses is not widespread, despite better access to data tools via the cloud and clear-cut business benefits. Read about two exceptions. Continue Reading

  • Patient population management calls for technological approach

    Shaun Sutner, news and features writer for SearchHealthIT, starts this handbook by interviewing a healthcare analytics expert on population health, analytics and patient engagement. The expert shares why he believes technology and data analytics are essential to population health management and improving interoperability.

    Next, Reda Chouffani examines how the rise of electronic health records has convinced healthcare providers to use more technology, such as business intelligence systems, to study their growing collections of digital patient data. He also lists a few reasons why providers sometimes struggle to implement business intelligence and analytics systems.

    Chouffani closes out the handbook by exploring how healthcare practitioners are using clinical analytics systems to inform and reinforce their care decisions. He also outlines some criteria that management teams at healthcare facilities should evaluate before purchasing and rolling out an analytics tool.

     Continue Reading

  • SAP Cloud for Analytics

    SAP Cloud for Analytics (CforA), which was released in February 2015, is a software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence (BI) platform designed by SAP specifically for the cloud with the intent of providing all analytics capabilities to all users in one product. Continue Reading

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  • Many businesses use BI reporting systems wrong, but they can improve

    Many businesses commit similar mistakes when creating BI reports. Consultant Mico Yuk offers tips to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Continue Reading

  • BI in healthcare is both appreciated and underused

    Providers can now do more than analyze past patient data with healthcare BI tools. They can possibly reduce readmissions and assign facility resources with predictive analytics. Continue Reading

  • Planning, skills needed to navigate Hadoop data lakes

    In the business intelligence and analytics world, data lakes are their own region -- one in which today's multifarious forms of information can be stored in their native forms until used -- and cheaply at that. But these vast storage repositories, which are based on open source Apache Hadoop are not for those seeking rest and recreation. They take serious work -- and often sought-after skills -- to build and maintain.

    In this guide, SearchDataManagement peers across several types of data lakes to discover how different organizations today are implementing them. First, editor Craig Stedman talks to three companies that have taken the dive -- and learns about the challenges and benefits presented to each. Next, reporter Jack Vaughan tells one executive's story -- how a Hadoop-based system opened new doors for his company. Finally, Vaughan quizzes Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri on whether data lakes can compete with data warehouses to quench organizations' thirst for storing and analyzing business data. Continue Reading

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