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  • Safeguard AI from security vulnerabilities as IIoT big data grows

    As AI comes into play to help organizations manage the IIoT data deluge, it is critical to secure AI against vulnerabilities. Insignary's TJ Kang discusses. Continue Reading

  • CISOs face the IoT security risks of stranger things

    The internet of things, by its very design, extends enterprise technology infrastructure further and further out, computerizing devices whose functions, if corrupted, could have catastrophic results. The sheer scope of internet-connected devices is compounding IoT security risks: CISOs now must worry not only about compromised or stolen data but the potential for bad actors to hijack vehicles, heavy machinery and medical equipment.

    "People talk about IoT being the new hot thing, but it has been there almost 20 years in medical care," said Taylor Lehmann, CISO for both Wellforce and its academic hospital, Tufts Medical Center based in Boston. "What has changed is the number of these devices and how many of these devices are vulnerable."

    Strategies to manage IoT security risks outside of healthcare and a few other industries remain in the early stages. Many connected devices can't be patched or updated, nor do they have security features such as basic encryption and two-factor authentication. The skills to secure IoT, which require knowledge of software and hardware, are challenging to find.

    Even so, experts say cybersecurity in the internet of things era draws on the same technologies and practices that have proven effective over the years, thereby giving CISOs and their organizations a roadmap for extending security as the number of devices multiplies. In this issue of Information Security magazine, we talk to CISOs and other information security experts about IoT security risks and strategies for managing them.

     Continue Reading

  • Security of big data fashions a whole new look with GDPR

    As data managers scramble to protect their precious lakes of washed and unwashed data from the evils of hacking, malware, ransomware and botnets, there comes a privacy regulation of European Union origin that could change the way many U.S. companies protect their data from inside and outside forces. For some U.S. companies doing business in Europe and preparing for compliance, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation could be a well-intended enforcer of better data governance practices. But for businesses forced to change their old data protection habits, GDPR can be a four-letter word.

    The April issue of Business Information opens with our editor's note and historical insights into the fundamental differences in attitude between the U.S. and Europe when it comes to protecting the data privacy of customers. As data breaches mount, however, the U.S. government -- willing or not -- may have to take steps beyond current regulations to ensure companies increase their security of big data.

    Along those lines, our cover story examines some GDPR rules that can directly impact U.S. companies doing business overseas and, in the process, their data governance and ethics procedures. With the noted lack of maturity in data governance and security tools, we see in another feature how IT teams are addressing data security issues upfront in do-it-yourself ways when deploying big data systems.

    Also in this issue, a GDPR compliance expert advises data managers on the best ways to prepare for a regulation that puts more control of information in the hands of users, the internet of things and edge computing could be compromising the security of big data and surveys show that companies place data protection among the top reasons for escalating their security spending.

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