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  • What options exist for IT infrastructure management services?

    What kinds of as-a-service IT management options are available? Are IT management services only coming from startups, or do established management software vendors have options? Continue Reading

  • HPE ConvergedSystem offers one-size-fits-all hyper-converged storage

    Organizations small and large can utilize the ConvergedSystem group of products from HPE to establish a hyper-converged infrastructure that fits their business needs. Continue Reading

  • Big data applications, cloud a heavenly match?

    In the feature story of October's Business Information, SearchDataManagement News and Site Editor Jack Vaughan looks at why traditional organizations are hesitant to move big data applications to the cloud. Even with high-profile vendors -- among them Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft -- and startups offering cloud-based NoSQL database platforms, big data management in the cloud has yet to hit the mainstream. Then, Vaughan explores how supermarket cooperative Allegiance Retail Services is using cloud-based analytics to better understand customer behavior and optimize buying and marketing strategies.

    Also in this issue, SearchBusinessAnalytics' Ed Burns interviews David Tenney, sports science and performing manager for the Seattle Sounders, on the increasingly large role of analytics in competitive sports. Since joining the soccer team in 2009, Tenney has taken the "mountains of data on players" and turned it into actionable results. Next, former SearchManufacturingERP Site Editor Brenda Cole explores "4-D printing," the latest take on still-new three-dimensional printing. Researchers say 4-D objects can assemble themselves or adapt to the environment over time. And in the "Connect IT" column, APQC's Mary Driscoll has advice for data scientists who can't seem to make themselves understood. To start, she suggests, drop the "data geek language" when talking to business execs. Continue Reading

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  • Planning, skills needed to navigate Hadoop data lakes

    In the business intelligence and analytics world, data lakes are their own region -- one in which today's multifarious forms of information can be stored in their native forms until used -- and cheaply at that. But these vast storage repositories, which are based on open source Apache Hadoop are not for those seeking rest and recreation. They take serious work -- and often sought-after skills -- to build and maintain.

    In this guide, SearchDataManagement peers across several types of data lakes to discover how different organizations today are implementing them. First, editor Craig Stedman talks to three companies that have taken the dive -- and learns about the challenges and benefits presented to each. Next, reporter Jack Vaughan tells one executive's story -- how a Hadoop-based system opened new doors for his company. Finally, Vaughan quizzes Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri on whether data lakes can compete with data warehouses to quench organizations' thirst for storing and analyzing business data. Continue Reading

  • When planning IT, orgs need analytics and big data

    Networking expert Mike Jude says big data analytics isn't complete without cognitive computing. But a cognitive computing framework should not be taken lightly. Continue Reading

  • Will Oracle Big Data Discovery meet expectations?

    Oracle Big Data Discovery may be what organizations need to address big data challenges, but the all-in-one product is still in its infancy. Continue Reading

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