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  • BI in healthcare is both appreciated and underused

    Providers can now do more than analyze past patient data with healthcare BI tools. They can possibly reduce readmissions and assign facility resources with predictive analytics. Continue Reading

  • Mastering the cloud contract

    Cynthia Nustad recalls a time not that long ago when businesses didn't have much flexibility in negotiating contracts with cloud providers. "Maybe you could negotiate on price or add-ons, but the core service was pretty vanilla and hardened," said the CIO at HMS, a healthcare management services company. Back then, agreements that had the provider assuming part of the risk in the event of a breach were a no-go. Today, however, things have markedly changed. The rapid growth of cloud computing has given IT leaders an edge when it comes to negotiating a cloud contract.

    In this issue of CIO Decisions, get advice from CIOs and experts on how to procure more safeguards and custom features in your cloud contract that address your business needs. Also in this issue, we walk through UPS' journey from analog to digital business; outline common mistakes companies make when implementing hybrid cloud; take a look at what's under the hood of Etsy's business model; talk to former McCormick CIO Jerry Wolfe about how the spice company is using its platform business model to shake up the food industry; and examine why getting the most out of knowledge workers today requires "Supportive Leadership." Continue Reading

  • Building an IT configuration management system: Hard but crucial

    An effective configuration management system that documents critical IT systems and services is a crucial prerequisite to successful incident response processes. Continue Reading

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