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  • Gartner: Chief data officer role continues to grow

    Chief data officers are gaining organizational clout, according to a new report from Gartner. Researchers at the consultancy found that companies are establishing a data office, what they refer to ... Continue Reading

  • Match increase in BI and analytics with a data governance plan

    Analytics tools are increasingly used by all kinds of companies. Their popularity has also given rise to a host of problems that can occur when organizations don't also put in place data protections. Issues such as data inconsistences and duplications can be abated with data governance.

    In this three-part handbook, SearchDataManagement staff dive into what makes having a data governance plan of attack useful. First, executive editor Craig Stedman reviews key events at the 2015 BI Leadership Summit in New York, covering what speakers and attendees had to say about governance. Then site editor Ed Burns explains what some vendors are doing to address data governance in self-service tools. Burns returns in the final part to shed insight on the role chief data officers can play in governance. Continue Reading

  • Pixar president on why building a 'fail fast' culture is hard

    The duality of failure, IBM's bet on cognitive computing, and the difference between a data officer and an analytics officer: The Data Mill reports. Continue Reading

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  • Big data analytics, dearth of standards bedevil data governance efforts

    Data governance, or managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of enterprise data, isn’t just about employing new tools. Organizations need to tie their data governance programs to business initiatives and goals. So it’s about incorporating new roles and processes into the operations models. And a growing and increasingly varied volume of data flowing into the enterprise -- "big data" -- isn’t helping organizations get a handle on it.

    This three-part guide highlights the important questions that companies implementing (or already managing) a data governance program need to answer. First, IT consultant Wayne Eckerson outlines some of the key problems that, in his opinion, are keeping organizations from effectively addressing and analyzing data. First on his list is the lack of a common data vocabulary. Next, David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity Inc., tackles the new role of chief data officer. What are the responsibilities? How will the new role affect data governance practices? SearchDataManagement news and site editor Jack Vaughan closes the guide with a short Q&A with Anne Marie Smith, principal consultant at Alabama Yankee Systems, which addresses the recent explosion of big data and how organizations can better govern it. Her advice? "They should do it the way you eat an elephant: one bite at a time." Continue Reading