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  • The tools that network cloud managers need now

    If the trend continues, enterprises could have more than half of their applications in the cloud by 2020. Increased cloud adoption introduces the issue of how to manage the network for high-quality performance across a variety of access links. This handbook addresses how to extend visibility and management tools to public and private clouds, and the role cloud management platforms are playing in the process.

    This three-part guide reviews next-gen network management and how employees who work in the cloud are altering the way IT pros monitor the enterprise network. It also looks at what needs to be monitored in a hybrid-cloud network environment and how to Increase visibility into the network. It also addresses the issue of application performance monitoring in the cloud age.

    This guide will help networking pros get up to speed on how the cloud is changing the nature of their jobs, and discuss what network tools are essential, as the network increasingly must be available everywhere for end users working from anywhere.

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  • Oracle eyes Zero-touch provisioning for NaaS startups

    Oracle plans to use its demonstration project from a TM Forum conference to help NaaS companies design hybrid network products using zero-touch provisioning. Continue Reading

  • Oracle adopts data leak prevention tool Ghostery

    Oracle partners with Ghostery to track down data leaks and demos next-generation networking for the Catalyst project. Continue Reading

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