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  • core competency (core competencies)

    Core competency is an organization's defining strength, providing the foundation from which the business will grow, seize upon new opportunities and deliver value to customers. Continue Reading

  • monopoly

    Monopolies may result from a lack of competing companies in a given market or a limited number of companies that are strong competitors. These conditions can arise naturally but they are sometimes the result of aggressive, questionable and potentially illegal business practices including industrial espionage and backdoor selling. Continue Reading

  • backdoor selling

    Backdoor selling is the unscrupulous practice of seeking information beyond what is publicly available as a means of gaining a competitive advantage for a contract or sale. Continue Reading

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  • Mastering the art of managed communications

    Managed communications is a staple for many managed services providers, and, oddly enough, one of the more challenging services to deliver. Deciding which of the many managed communications services will best match your customers' needs is no easy task. Further, it's not always clear how your business can stand out and add value in the highly competitive marketplace.

    Whether you're looking to jump on the managed communications bandwagon or brush up your current business approach, this three-part guide can help you succeed. We break down the complex range of unified communications services to show you how you can steer your customers toward the most beneficial mixes of services. We also reveal the challenges and common pitfalls managed services providers can encounter. Finally, we offer expert recommendations for breaking into the managed email market and differentiating your services from your competitors'. Continue Reading

  • Early-stage technology companies cultivate channel plans

    Tech startups featured at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium's Innovation Showcase are developing channel marketing strategies at an early stage in their development. Continue Reading

  • Competitors on Cisco SDN strategy: Is hardware really the answer?

    Cisco competitors blasted the new Cisco SDN strategy, saying it uses inflexible hardware for software-driven networks and bypasses SDN standards. Continue Reading

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