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  • UC training, certifications are mostly vendor-specific

    The industry may lack vendor-neutral certifications, but hands-on UC training can help workers master products, advance their careers and boost their salaries. Continue Reading

  • SAN/NAS convergence

    SAN/NAS convergence is the merging of network attached storage (NAS) with storage area network (SAN) technologies through the use of newer techniques that overcome incompatibilities between the two. Continue Reading

  • hyper-converged network

    A hyper-converged network is a network that combines compute and storage network resources into a single preconfigured stack, server or brick with heavy use of virtualization. Typically, a hyper-converged network is built on server hardware that uses virtualized storage, unifying all hard disks or SSD’s into a single storage stack. Continue Reading

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  • SD-WAN benefits branch networks with simplicity, automation

    Traditional branch networks haven't adapted well to new technologies. But a mature SD-WAN market can bring distributed networks up to speed with simplicity and automation. Continue Reading

  • How to manage and monitor the converged network

    The network is converging. Voice, video, and storage and data networks are already converged, and more recently networking pros have had to tackle virtual networks, mobile devices and cloud services. Up next: software-defined networks. It's a lot to manage and monitor, and our tools must keep up.

    In this Technical Guide, our experts consider all these convergences and how best to manage and monitor them. The focus is largely on mobility and SDN, but it also includes a chapter focused on the user perspective and, hence, concerns about how to best manage and monitor application performance. Continue Reading

  • SMB protocol prerequisites in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Basic SMB doesn't require much more than a compatible OS. Advanced features in SMB 3.0 like Multichannel or Direct have a few more requirements. Continue Reading

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