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  • performance crime

    A performance crime is an illegal act that is committed with the intention of being witnessed by an audience or seeking an audience afterwards. Continue Reading

  • karōshi

    Karōshi is a Japanese term that translates to "death from overwork." The phenomenon was first identified in Japan in 1969 when a 29-year-old man in the shipping department of a newspaper died of stroke. Continue Reading

  • social analysis

    Social analysis is the practice of analyzing a situation or social problem through objective, systematic exploration. Continue Reading

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  • Using artificial intelligence for forgery: Fake could be eerily real

    Artificial intelligence-powered tools are providing criminals an easy way to forge audio and video files. Beware; identity theft and fake info will rise. Continue Reading

  • Taking control with cloud inventory management

    Business teams in countless enterprises are freely availing themselves of the perks of cloud applications, of which there are many, including improved productivity and more efficient business processes. However, the IT departments at many of these enterprises are kept totally out of the loop, exposing these organizations to security risks and wasteful spending. What's a CIO to do to get a grip on her enterprise's cloud inventory? In this issue of CIO Decisions, explore how CIOs are using cloud inventory management to reduce risks, target app consolidation needs and realize greater ROI.

    Also in this issue, we take a look at how Hardee's leaves upselling to an algorithm and how Forbes, CBS and other big-name companies use partnerships to drive digital projects. In addition, we get a headhunter's take on how midmarket CIOs can cash in on private equity deals; investigate why taking ethics into account early in the design process should be part of the CIO's agenda; and look into how The New York Times' former CIO broke down the media company's digital barriers.

     Continue Reading

  • Disney, Humana fill jobs with video interview software

    Leaders of ESPN, Humana and Robert W. Baird describe how video interview software saves time for job candidates and enterprises. Continue Reading