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  • Can I replace HDDs with SSDs to support in-memory storage?

    Replacing all your HDDs with SSDs won't solve the storage issues associated with in-memory databases. Look to hyper-convergence and NVDIMMs instead. Continue Reading

  • Conduct a power cycling test to stay ahead of hardware failures

    Don't let unplanned downtime disrupt your data center. Conduct power cycling tests to proactively monitor systems and identify hardware failures in a contained, orderly way. Continue Reading

  • Action! Storage for your video storage system

    Video and other multimedia production is no longer the exclusive domain of Hollywood studios and post-production services. Today, companies of all kinds have video and audio operations that rival that of professional media outfits. And those multimedia activities bring special storage requirements. Find out how today's video storage system is built from the ground up for multimedia, how tape can play a big role and why new digital video technologies are pushing the storage envelope.

    Backup appliances started out as niche products for smaller businesses, but caught on fast. Now, these products are available in configurations able to support enterprise workloads, and many of the major storage vendors have rolled out their versions of these all-in-one products. Learn more about today's backup appliance market as well as what's up with "traditional" disk products.

    Snapshots and replication have become popular data protection tools in today's virtual environments. But choosing the right approach for your shop can be confusing due to the wide variety of options available. This feature takes a look at the strengths and weaknesses of various snapshot techs and offers advice on choosing the right approach for your needs.

     Continue Reading

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