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  • VMware to focus on its multi-cloud management platform in 2018

    Our Advisory Board members look back on VMware's progress in 2017 and offer predictions for the company's future in cloud, networking and security. Continue Reading

  • What you'll build with software-defined architecture

    It's been two years since Gartner declared that the future of the data center was software-defined. And while we're still a ways from that reality, there's plenty of reason to think IT is indeed moving toward the software-defined architecture.

    The ability to compose your infrastructure puts components where they're needed -- but only for as long as they're needed there. Then those resources become available again for another task. IT professionals aren't crazy to look at the speed and efficiency advantages of that type of software-defined architecture and think, "We need that."

    To reap those rewards, however, means orienting the data center around software. That's a big shift both in strategy and execution. And it's not easily achievable.

    The cover story of this issue of Modern Infrastructure digs into these possibilities and challenges. TechTarget's Erica Mixon talks with experts about the software-defined architecture, what it can achieve and what an organization will want to take into account before heading down that road.

    With a truly composable infrastructure and products with cloud-like capabilities, an organization can pool its data center resources and put them to work with utmost efficiency. If that's the future, maybe it's time to start figuring out how you'll get there.

     Continue Reading

  • Four must-have skill sets for SDDC architecture

    A learning curve for IT staff -- especially around automation, scripting and APIs -- is a major hurdle during SDDC deployment. Is your data center team ready to make the move? Continue Reading

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