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  • Customer data mining needs a governance plan to propel sales

    The difference between traditional data governance and rules surrounding the mining of customer data is an extra layer to prevent the 'stalker effect' that turns away business. Continue Reading

  • IoT technologies hit their awkward tween years

    The internet of things may reduce costs and create new experiences for consumers, but it still needs to mature to produce consistent value for companies. Continue Reading

  • Data protection and security incident response when all information is a target

    Data breaches have become increasingly commonplace for businesses, and every company that has an online presence is a potential target for hackers: High-profile hacks of Target Corp. and Anthem Inc., to name a few, show how valuable personal data has become to nefarious parties. In addition to customer data, companies must make sure sensitive company information such as trade secrets and intellectual property are protected as well. To face these constantly evolving data security threats, businesses have been forced to completely revamp their approach to information protection and embed security into data governance and business processes. In this handbook, learn about the pressing information security vulnerabilities facing modern companies and advice to implement governance strategies that keep your data secure. Continue Reading

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