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  • CIOs set the stage for an AI initiative, but they don't own it

    At AI World in Boston, analyst Zeus Kerravala said CIOs don't necessarily own an AI initiative, but they certainly play a key role.Continue Reading

  • CISSP Domain 2: Asset security and data encryption methods

    This Security School will help prepare you for Domain 2 of the CISSP exam, providing overviews of data encryption methods, data ownership concepts and asset protection.Continue Reading

  • Identify and maintain ownership of data: A guide for CISSPs

    CISSPs must lead the way in driving good data management, which begins with defining data ownership and access policies. Learn more in this video with infosec expert Adam Gordon.Continue Reading

  • owned

    Owned, in common slang, means decisively defeated, with the implication of domination and possession. The term is often used to describe the results of competition in sports and business.Continue Reading

  • The key steps to launching blockchain implementations

    Bill Caraher, CIO and director of operations for a Wisconsin law firm, is one believer in the huge impact blockchain technology -- a peer-to-peer distributed network used to validate transactions and other records -- can have on legal services. Blockchain implementations, he said, could "lead to speedier resolutions, [and] it could lead to better evidence gathering [and to establishing] foundation for a case" and have other "sweeping implications" for this industry. Indeed, the technology's potential use cases are a hot talking point among Caraher and fellow observers of blockchain -- but figuring out which use cases make sense and putting them into action demand a lot of work. The effort involved in implementing blockchain will depend on many factors, including vertical industry, having the right software and hardware, and more.

    In this issue of CIO Decisions, Editorial Director Sue Troy lays out the four key stages of blockchain implementations, including identifying use cases, running proofs of concept and launching field trials. Plus, we explore how one healthcare CIO used cloud computing to bridge the disconnect between IT and patient care; get MIT Sloan cybersecurity expert Stuart Madnick's take on how to build a better defense against dark web hackers; and delve into innovative ways to close the tech skills gap.

    Continue Reading

  • Who owns the IoT data?

    The Internet of Things is cool and its doors are new and enabling. But the battleground will mainly focus on IoT data: the ownership and control.Continue Reading

  • Digital business puts data and data ownership atop CIO agenda

    It's time for CIOs to fast-forward to the past, says Harvey Koeppel. In the digital business world, IT is once again all about the data -- and data ownership. Koeppel offers eight ways to keep pace with the times.Continue Reading

  • Is it time for a new data ownership manifesto?

    Niel Nickolaisen resolves a heated dispute between software engineering and operations over data ownership by locking the two teams in a room.Continue Reading

  • How a data steward can enable data governance, without 'police' tag

    A data governance program doesn't have to be a police action. Instead, advises expert Anne Marie Smith, data stewards should help bring about cultural change in a collaborative way.Continue Reading

  • Quiz: Improving your data governance and data stewardship program

    Do you know what it takes for an effective data governance structure to take root in an organization? Take this quiz and find out.Continue Reading

  • data stewardship

    Data stewardship is the management and oversight of an organization's data assets to provide business users with high quality data that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.Continue Reading

  • FAQ: How can cloud services be used in health care?

    Cloud services let health care providers move storage, data processing and other systems onto the Internet, provided that security and data ownership concerns are addressed.Continue Reading

  • Data Quality Quiz

    Test your knowledge with nine data quality questions from SearchCRM.com.Continue Reading