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  • Records managers gain stature

    Records managers have long been belittled by corporate executives and viewed as locked in their own world of classifying, filing and occasionally retrieving documents. But with their world expanding, records management professionals are beginning to get the respect they deserve. With a glut of information from countless sources bombarding just about every department in an organization, who's better suited to play a significant role in a corporation's strategic planning than the professional keepers of that data?

    Because of their increased importance, the stakes are a lot higher for records managers. It's incumbent upon them to expand and upgrade both their technical and people skills so they can seamlessly move beyond their own department and collaborate with department leaders across the entire company.

    In the first feature of this handbook, industry consultant Steve Weissman outlines the necessary attributes that a records management professional needs to be a corporate superstar. In his second feature, Weissman advises records managers to take a proactive role in developing and enforcing a robust company-wide data governance and compliance program before anything goes amiss. And in the third feature, TechTarget executive editor Lauren Horwitz interviews legal and strategy consultant Susan Wortzman on new software tools designed to help records managers streamline records keeping across all departments and therefore assume a lead role in corporate strategic planning. Continue Reading

  • Is it time for a new data ownership manifesto?

    Niel Nickolaisen resolves a heated dispute between software engineering and operations over data ownership by locking the two teams in a room. Continue Reading

  • Tape still critical in any data archiving strategy

    Jason Buffington of Enterprise Strategy Group explains why the rumors of tape's demise, which is unlikely to happen soon, are greatly exaggerated. Continue Reading

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