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  • A buyer's guide to selecting the best data warehouse product

    With several deployment options and product choices, it's difficult to know where to start. This buyer's guide helps you choose the right data warehouse product for your company. Continue Reading

  • What's the best way to implement SAP NetWeaver PI?

    NetWeaver Process Integration is a powerful tool for linking systems, software and business processes. Here are five tips for using it well. Continue Reading

  • Getting up to speed in the data management technology market

    Big data and cloud computing have transformed today's data management technology market. Whether it's by augmenting traditional data warehousing models, allowing small organizations to realize the power of business intelligence (BI), or helping healthcare providers tackle vast stores of electronic health data, these developments are causing customers to rethink the role of data in their organizations.

    In this three-part guide, we examine where your channel business may fit into the areas of data warehousing and BI. First, we look at opportunities coming out of the confluence of big data software and traditional data warehousing systems. Next, we explore how cloud technology has reshaped the BI market in both good and bad ways -- good in that it has made BI more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses; bad in that it has eroded project margins. Finally, we focus in on data management technology in the healthcare vertical, where a demand for data warehouses has created significant hosting opportunities.

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  • Before implementing ERP systems, identify their many components

    In-depth research is needed to understand the numerous ERP components, functions and deployment options. Here are the ins and outs of implementing ERP systems. Continue Reading

  • When predictive analytics models produce false outcomes

    Predictions are very difficult, especially when they're about the future. Whether attributed in part or whole to Nobel physicist Niels Bohr or Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra, at no time was that prescient observation more applicable than in predicting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

    The cover story of Business Information's February issue examines some of the hard lessons that, in retrospect, need to be applied when it comes to building and running predictive analytics models, be it in the political realm or the business world. Those lessons include working with high-quality data, measuring the right information, and making sure predictive models reflect reality and not wishful thinking.

    In another feature, we look at a critical first step in ensuring that predictive analytics models yield valid outcomes. The proper preparation of data -- a process made more complex with the proliferation of big data and the expansion of predictive analytics applications to leverage it -- requires new tools and techniques.

    Also in this issue, learn how the self-proclaimed "CRM and analytics czar" of pro basketball's Charlotte Hornets convinced team ownership to invest in Phizzle FanTracker, which helped combine millions of fan records into accurate, up-to-date, individual fan profiles.

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  • Go beyond best practices with AWS data replication

    Data replication ensures resources are consistently available; replicating data to a separate repository further accelerates recovery. AWS provides these data repository options. Continue Reading

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