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  • Four technologies that could transform information security programs

    With digital transformations underway in many industries, CIOs aren't the only ones who need to have the next big thing on their radar. What security innovations should you follow to ready your organization's information security programs?

    The internet of things is both a security threat and potentially a security boon. Big data, machine learning and a growing number of systems with pseudo artificial intelligence may help ease the workloads of security analysts. Bitcoin's distributed database technology known as blockchain can add security to a variety of systems, but scalability remains an early concern. Quantum computing? That one may be too far out -- five years at least -- to be considered a near-term technology disruptor to enterprise information security programs.

    Whether your organization is focused on manufacturing and infrastructure -- such as industrial control systems -- or consumer and information technology -- such as the internet of things -- everything is rapidly becoming connected and potentially accessible from the internet. Many information security programs are not on track for the internet of things, complex clouds and other technology disruptors. We dust off the crystal ball in this issue of Information Security magazine and ask infosec experts and venture capitalists to look into the future.

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  • Security innovations need to catch up with technology trends

    When we asked CISOs and venture capitalists about disruptive technologies that could transform enterprise security models -- and how to prepare for them -- a few trends stood out. Continue Reading

  • Six health IT trends and technologies executives should watch in 2017

    Cybersecurity and blockchain received a lot of attention in 2016, and both trends are expected to remain on the radars of healthcare executives in 2017. Continue Reading

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  • Virtualization trends in 2018 signal edge technology disruption

    New technologies build on virtualization and threaten disruption. Virtualization administrators must familiarize themselves with what's coming and plan their careers accordingly. Continue Reading

  • Persistent storage readied for containerized applications

    Traditional application architectures are limited in their ability to scale and meet the demands of today's fast-growing data, cloud and IT environments. Containerization -- with its support for Agile design, development and deployment methodologies -- promises to overcome these challenges. Containers weren't originally designed to implement full-stack applications or any application that needs persistent storage. With containers gaining support from storage array makers, we're starting to see arrays allowing containerized applications to take advantage of primary storage. Find out how storage vendors are bringing persistent storage to the world of containerized applications.

    Nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) replaces SCSI at both the device and network levels to deliver greater bandwidth and lower latency to internal storage devices. And with the development of NVMe over Fabrics, the NVMe command set can work across the network via external storage. Discover the benefits of NVMe over Fabrics, when to deploy the technology, how to implement it and which vendors are making it happen.

    Copy data management (CDM) protects production data and improves the management of production data copies, with the aim of cutting storage costs, improving data visibility and compliance, and speeding up data access. Until last year, it was the province of point products. But the market is changing, and the technology has gone mainstream as the largest data protection and storage vendors have joined the CDM fray. Find out which CDM capabilities companies value most and what is being done to meet growing demand. What advantages can CDM bring to your IT data storage environment?

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  • Software ethics and why 'Uber developer' stains a professional resume

    After all of the playboy antics of the CEO, along with the unethical practices of fingerprinting and geofencing, the term 'Uber developer' is a stain on any professional resume. Continue Reading

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