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  • Wisconsin provider uses Salesforce for healthcare marketing campaign

    A large Wisconsin health system has been using Salesforce Marketing Cloud for targeted email campaigns to keep patients engaged and to attract new patients. Continue Reading

  • Mastering the art of managed communications

    Managed communications is a staple for many managed services providers, and, oddly enough, one of the more challenging services to deliver. Deciding which of the many managed communications services will best match your customers' needs is no easy task. Further, it's not always clear how your business can stand out and add value in the highly competitive marketplace.

    Whether you're looking to jump on the managed communications bandwagon or brush up your current business approach, this three-part guide can help you succeed. We break down the complex range of unified communications services to show you how you can steer your customers toward the most beneficial mixes of services. We also reveal the challenges and common pitfalls managed services providers can encounter. Finally, we offer expert recommendations for breaking into the managed email market and differentiating your services from your competitors'. Continue Reading

  • How direct mail can enhance your marketing strategy

    While marketers increasingly rely on digital marketing methods, don't overlook direct mail. When used correctly, it can foster customer engagement. Continue Reading

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