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  • The HTML5 vulnerabilities enterprises need to know

    Adobe Flash's end of life is coming, but there are some HTML5 vulnerabilities enterprises should be aware of before making the switch. Expert Judith Myerson outlines the risks. Continue Reading

  • Freeware 'greylisting' for Exchange Server

    Between blacklisting and whitelisting is a sort of interim spam-fighting strategy called 'greylisting.' In this tip, contributor Serdar Yegulalp explains how greylisting works and points to a freeware greylisting application available for Exchange Server environments. Continue Reading

  • Freeware tracks printer usage in real-time

    A freeware application for tracking printer usage in real-time, PaperCut Print Logger records whenever a print job is spooled along with other vital print job statistics, such as the pages or copies printed; name of the printer, document and user and/or client; paper/page sizes; printer language information; and the total size of the job in bytes. Continue Reading

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