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  • Cutting data center power costs

    Reining in energy costs is one of the top concerns for data center managers everywhere. And since power consumption represents a significant cost for organizations, data center managers need to have solutions in mind when they get called into budgetary meetings. Greening the data center -- a process that is often more about money than environmental awareness -- can be effectively pitched by managers who know the best available technologies and methods. Limiting usage can be done by investing in technology like flywheels or eco-mode UPS systems and other efficient alternatives.

    With this handbook, readers will learn how these methods -- among others -- help to provide a smaller footprint while still allowing for a higher power density. This balance is essential, as cutting costs shouldn't take precedent over performance.

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  • Fiscally in favor of sustainable computing

    Data center energy consumption is more than a sustainability issue -- it's a major cost to the business. When proposing green IT initiatives, start at the bottom line. Continue Reading

  • International data center expansion fuses foreign with familiar

    The U.S. data center building industry is well-established, but it's literally a whole new world when companies expand IT operations internationally. Continue Reading

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