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  • How do you upgrade VM hardware, and what are the benefits?

    You can set up your infrastructure to better take advantage of new technology in just a few steps. Perform a VM version upgrade to get the most out of what you have. Continue Reading

  • Data center improvements will buy you time to plan for what's next

    By making the best use of what's already in place, and investing carefully and only where needed, an organization can extend a data center's life. This will buy it time to study and decide where its data center is headed next. To make good decisions about what to keep, what to upgrade, and what to replace, IT professionals will need to begin with a careful audit of the data center. Having detailed information will enable decision makers to balance cost and performance so that improvements can be made without heavy investments in new gear.

    Since many businesses will not be adding more space, data center efficiency is paramount. This guide looks at how small data center improvements can be enough to give aging technology another lease on life. Redoing cables can help. And adding sensors and incorporating best practices from data center infrastructure management can make an existing facility more manageable.

    Small-scale enhancements of this sort can help prolong a facility's useful life, buying an organization more time to make long-term decisions about its IT infrastructure. Data center improvements don't need to be costly or complicated. And if a company isn't sure about that facility's future value, any changes made now had better be reasonable in cost and scale. By finding cost-effective projects, an IT team can squeeze a little more performance and a little more time from that existing data center.

     Continue Reading

  • What are the barriers to deploying SIP trunks?

    What are obstacles to SIP trunking? Gartner analyst Sorell Slaymaker explained at Enterprise Connect what barriers enterprises face deploying SIP trunks. Continue Reading

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