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  • January 19, 2018 19 Jan'18

    ThousandEyes-Juniper pact focuses on hybrid WANs

    ThousandEyes and Juniper boost visibility for hybrid WANs; IDC records sharp rise in cloud spending; and a vendor group issues specifications for optical 100 Gbps interoperability.

  • October 26, 2017 26 Oct'17

    Capital One, General Electric seek hybrid WAN benefits at scale

    Capital One and General Electric are pushing the scalability of hybrid WAN. The companies are using the technology to cut networking costs. GE plans to save millions of dollars.

  • September 28, 2017 28 Sep'17

    Monetising your enterprise WAN

    Right now, if you’re responsible for transforming your legacy wide-area network estate, you might be asking yourself, what does it mean to monetise your enterprise WAN? How can I leverage my WAN as ...

  • September 15, 2017 15 Sep'17

    InfoVista Ipanema 9.2 supports WAN trend toward internet connectivity

    InfoVista releases Ipanema 9.2 as more enterprises transition to internet-only sites or hybrid WAN with MPLS connectivity. Also, Versa Networks teams up with CA Technologies.

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  • hybrid WAN

    A hybrid WAN is a wide area network that sends traffic over two or more connection types. Hybrid WANs permit dynamic traffic engineering across both private and public domains, using a variety of connectivity options to make the best use of network resources. Continue Reading

  • What are the advantages of SD-WAN adoption?

    How can your organization take advantage of SD-WAN? Networking expert Lee Doyle explains how SD-WAN adoption can transform your WAN, and why you should consider making the switch. Continue Reading

  • SD-WAN architecture: What to know before you buy

    The hybrid WAN is here and this guide explains how to buy and build an SD-WAN architecture. Learn about key features and 'nice to haves' before you approach vendors and make an acquisition decision. Continue Reading

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  • Is it hybrid WAN vs. SD-WAN, or does SD-WAN help implement hybrid WAN?

    Expert Lee Doyle tackles the issue of hybrid WAN vs. SD-WAN. Although the technologies are separate, SD-WAN can make hybrid WAN deployment and operation easier. Continue Reading

  • Picking the best software-defined wide area network product

    The traditional hardware-driven wide area network was slow and expensive. It was just a matter of time -- and technology -- before the software-defined wide area network became a reality. The arrival of the SD-WAN, vendors said, means all that legacy technology can be swept away, replaced with sophisticated software services running as virtualized network functions on commodity hardware. Low-cost, high-speed internet services combined with an intelligent, cloud-services infrastructure, means corporate headquarters and branch offices can be linked together more efficiently than ever before.

    The marketplace is full of SD-WAN vendors, each pitching a different value proposition, so a guide for networking professionals to the world of SD-WANs is essential. This Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN is designed to help you select the technology that best suits your enterprise's needs, technological requirements and budget. It opens with an overview of the SD-WAN technological product; explains how it works; and highlights key features, including "must haves" and "nice to haves." Readers of this Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN will come away with a deeper understanding of the SD-WAN and be better equipped to launch their IT purchasing process.

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  • My MPLS service contract expires soon -- should I renew?

    The rise of SD-WAN has many asking: Do we really need MPLS connectivity? Expert John Burke explains what factors to consider before renewing your existing contract. Continue Reading

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  • What do I need to do to create successful hybrid WANs?

    The market for hybrid network services is growing, and with it comes the challenge of successfully creating hybrid WANs. Continue Reading

  • SD-WAN makes secure networks possible in hybrid WANs

    As enterprises became more distributed over the years, a curious trend emerged: MPLS was no longer the golden child of the wide area network (WAN). Its high costs and inflexibility left many network engineers disillusioned. All the while, commercial Internet services became an attractive option for branch connectivity.

    But for most enterprises, a hybrid WAN architecture -- one that relies on a mix of access connections -- was not only tricky from a routing perspective. Broadband becoming more than a failover option at branch offices also raised red flags about enterprises' ability to maintain secure networks.

    The emergence of a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), however, is helping enterprises aggregate MPLS and Internet connections without sacrificing their secure networks, even improving them in some cases. As we explore in this edition of Network Evolution, early adopters say they're confident in sending sensitive data over the Internet via SD-WAN platforms.

    Also in this issue, Cisco and Microsoft have taken the fight to the cloud as they once again go head-to-head in their ongoing battle for the unified communications market. Learn more about how to decide whether Microsoft's Skype for Business or Cisco's Spark is a better fit for your enterprise.

    We also dive into beacons on the network and what you need to know about installing and managing them -- straight from companies that have already deployed them.

    Finally, don't miss this edition of The Subnet, in which we explore how an IT pro at a high-tech Midwestern church manages a wireless network that supports thousands of congregants who use the church's mobile app on its WLAN during prayer services.

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  • Survey shows SD-WAN interest but measured uptake

    SD-WAN is creating a lot of buzz this year, but a new TechTarget survey shows that actual deployment will be limited this year, despite the number of new and traditional vendors in the market. Continue Reading

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