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  • Thanks to new wireless capabilities, the future of IoT rests only on our imaginations

    By solving key developer issues and lowering barriers to entry, says Twilio's Evan Cummack, new wireless capabilities are helping industry leaders usher in a new era of IoT. Continue Reading

  • Impact of AI on business still more limited than some hoped

    Most businesses have yet to feel the full effect of AI, as enterprises labor to determine where and under what conditions the technology can most effectively be deployed. Continue Reading

  • Container applications need backup: Who knew?

    The concept of containers, ephemeral applications running across private and public clouds, has grown in popularity over the last few years. It has quickly become clear that the transient nature of containers and container applications isn't compatible with the enterprise, however. As a result, data persistence has arrived in the world of containers and made it necessary to back up container data, protecting it the same way as all other enterprise data.

    Securing container data has its own set of processes and requirements, though, and how container backups and data protection are implemented depends largely on the design of the container ecosystem. Vendors take a variety of approaches -- including products, agents and plug-ins -- to back up container applications. This article tells you what you need to know about backing up container data and explores the options available for container backups.

    Ransomware is a serious threat that's having a deleterious impact on businesses worldwide. While backing up data is an important tool in the war on ransomware, an unlikely ally has emerged in the form object storage technology, which can add an extra layer of protection beyond traditional backups. When properly implemented, object storage can reduce the chances of ransomware encrypting your data. It could even help get all or some of your data back after an infection without paying a ransom. Find out how object storage can help better protect your valuable data from ransomware.

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