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  • What are the key DevOps roles in an enterprise?

    The DevOps model is taking off as cloud adoption grows. But what exactly are the key responsibilities of a DevOps team in the enterprise?Continue Reading

  • VMware Solution Exchange (VSX)

    The VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) is an online marketplace where potential customers can browse, download and rate the products uploaded by developers and VMware partners.Continue Reading

  • Setting the stage to effectively visualize data

    The piles of data gathered from business intelligence and analytics tools is of little use to BI, data management and IT teams if they don't have a good way to visualize the data. To put data to effective use, IT teams need to construct an infrastructure that will send data to the right people and have it appear clear, simple and easy to use.

    This three-part guide takes a look at how to create a foundation that allows business users to take advantage of that data. Ed Burns and Craig Stedman kick things off with a look at the 2015 TDWI Executive Summit in Las Vegas. At the conference, BI and data management teams shared how focusing on architecture enhanced their analytics efforts. Next, David A. Teich looks at why business users still need help from IT when they use self-service BI tools to analyze and visualize data. The concluding article looks at how a shipping company is using location-based analytics and visualization.Continue Reading

  • Why interfaces are an integral part of a successful API design

    This is the first installation of a four-part series intended to be an API design decision-making toolkit for enterprise architects.Continue Reading

  • Self-service BI tools can aid CRM efforts, with some effort

    In a podcast, consultant David Loshin explores the potential benefits and challenges of mixing self-service BI tools and customer relationship management processes.Continue Reading

  • self-service analytics

    Self-service analytics is an approach to advanced analytics that gives the ability to conduct analyses to business users, rather than data scientists.Continue Reading

  • 'Tis the season for IT self-service

    Chatter about big data reveals IT self-service can be a gift for CIOs. Take command and control but keep the buffet open.Continue Reading

  • Overview of call center software

    In this call center software guide, review options including quality monitoring (QM), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), self service and hosted call centers.Continue Reading