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  • July 04, 2017 04 Jul'17

    Out of the shadows - IT as a service broker

    Organisations need to balance innovation and business improvement with good governance and efficient use of IT budgets and resources. But this is not easy. Plenty of people right across the ...

  • October 25, 2016 25 Oct'16

    IFS gets IoT into ERP & EAM for EOI

    Headline key: IFS gets IoT into ERP & EAM for EOI -- Industrial and Financial Systems gets Internet of Things [data] into Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for ...

  • October 04, 2016 04 Oct'16

    What to expect from IFS World Conference 2016

    Big tech companies are fond of using names presented as acronyms, ideally employing just three letters... even your grandmother can come up with one or two if pushed, we imagine. None more so than ...

  • May 10, 2016 10 May'16

    Lenovo channel to see focus on PCs, services, data center

    Lenovo's North American channel chief points to premium PCs, hyper-converged technology and services as some of the key opportunities for the company's channel partners.

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  • Setting up a service automation framework

    In this third tip in a series on service automation, the global CIO searches for and finds a service automation framework. Continue Reading

  • The private versus public cloud dilemma: Start with cost

    Building a private cloud offers a host of appealing benefits, including a scalable computing base and speed as a result of standardization. It's a cloud implementation that has worked wonderfully for some organizations, including financial services provider State Street Corp., which is now able to develop and deploy new apps within minutes. But internal private cloud is not for everybody; companies considering this option not only need significant cash outlays, existing data center hardware and a trained IT staff, but also a strong reason why internal private cloud is the way to go over other types of private cloud, like hosted and hybrid -- or even public cloud providers, which have more capacity than companies building an on-premises cloud themselves can ever reach.

    In this issue of CIO Decisions, cloud experts offer advice on how IT leaders can assess whether private versus public cloud will bring the most value to the business. Plus, we detail how travel company Maritz overhauled its approach to IT with automation to better serve internal customers; sit down with Alec Ross, former innovation adviser to Hillary Clinton, to discuss how innovations in robotics, genomics and other technologies will transform how companies do business; get Agile expert Joseph Flahiff's take on the steps a company should take to achieve organizational agility; and more.

     Continue Reading

  • Uncover the right RAID recovery service

    When RAID restores require more skills than can be found in-house, a RAID recovery service provider could be the answer -- as long as the right one is chosen. Continue Reading

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