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  • Catch the next wave of digital IT transformation: Learning tech

    IT learning technologies, such as machine learning and AI workloads, are gaining traction and could be the next wave of IT investment that drives competitive advantages. Continue Reading

  • The AFA market faces unprecedented and rapid commoditization

    Prices of all-flash arrays have nosedived. Massive discounts due to fierce competition are contributing to rapid and unprecedented commoditization of all-flash arrays and changes in the AFA market. Meantime, the demand for AFAs is shrinking because of increasing hyper-convergence and cloud adoption. This is bad news for storage vendors. To survive, they must innovate and differentiate themselves by solving real problems users face. But it's all to the advantage of storage buyer in today's AFA market. Learn how and why this is happening and how you can benefit.

    The data explosion has pushed storage systems to the breaking point, leading many enterprises to spend a good deal of their IT dollars on the cloud, backup storage and on-premises flash, according to the TechTarget 2018 IT Priorities Survey. More than half of those surveyed will see their IT budgets increase in 2018, according to the IT spending trends study. And the average growth in spending across all enterprises will be about the same this year as it was in 2017. Demand for on-premises storage infrastructure, meanwhile, continues unabated for a large percentage of companies, as it does for hyper-converged and converged infrastructures.

    Reliance on the cloud is leading almost a third of respondents to consolidate cloud workloads to better meet the management challenges presented by multiple cloud environments, while the on-demand model of the cloud itself has altered how we expect to consume and pay for IT resources. This includes storage, where vendors have changed how they deliver core features like deduplication and compression. The 2018 IT spending trends highlighted in this issue shed considerable light on today's storage market. This, in turn, will help elucidate your present and future storage needs.

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  • Enterprise cloud strategy: Improve agility while avoiding risk

    Modern CIOs are refining IT strategies to ensure the plethora of available cloud computing options spur innovation, reap efficiency and increase agility -- without incurring undue risk. Continue Reading

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  • Healthcare AI struggles with funding and data quality

    Finding enough funds and validating data quality can be heavy challenges when it comes to adopting AI technology in healthcare organizations. Hospital IT professionals explain their approaches. Continue Reading

  • Impact Awards honor the best cloud and data center tools

    Each year, the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards program salutes the data center tools and cloud management technologies that stand out from the crowd. The winners are the products that prove particularly useful and draw raves from users. These technologies act as catalysts for innovation in the cloud environments and data centers that modern businesses rely on to keep moving forward.

    More than ever, the right technologies can make the difference between a business strategy that succeeds and one that disappoints. It's one thing for cloud services or data center tools to make it easier for IT professionals to carry out their day-to-day duties, but it takes something special for a product or service to help drive real organizational success. We're pleased to honor that excellence with this special edition of Modern Infrastructure.

    Also, be sure to check this issue for articles and columns that delve into the complications that accompany the benefits of using multiple cloud providers, the applicability of serverless computing and the scenarios that might give pause to even the biggest IoT proponents.

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  • From all the data chaos emerges big data value

    Businesses spend millions of dollars to collect, mine, prep and analyze data to gain an edge in the marketplace. Yet, they have a hard time determining big data's actual value. Continue Reading

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