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  • Amazon Go seeks to break big-box retailers

    Amazon Go is the company's attempt to disrupt the brick-and-mortar retail experience using computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Continue Reading

  • How beacon technology will bring an enterprise sea change

    More and more beacons are infiltrating our daily lives, and it's becoming clearer how beacon technology will affect enterprise IT. Continue Reading

  • Keep consumers close with mobile location-based services

    When stores first began setting up websites, customers suddenly had more flexibility. They could compare prices and make purchases without ever leaving the house. But the online experience didn't replace the in-store experience. And now tools like mobile location-based services are helping companies fuse digital and physical customer interactions.

    Mobile location-based services combine customers' online behavior with their in-store behavior. That fuller picture of consumers helps organizations create a better customer experience and design better marketing campaigns. In this handbook, consultant Steve Robins explains how mobile location-based services work, the benefits of using them and the potential risks. Then, executive editor Lauren Horwitz writes about how retailer Nordstrom has adopted beacon technology to better assist in-store customers. To close, Horwitz shares the stories of three companies that are weaving mobile payment technology into their repertoire. Continue Reading

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