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  • Workspace management hype vs. reality

    Workspaces promise to make users' lives easier by bringing all of their corporate resources into one place. For IT, new workspace management tools from large vendors aim to ease the administrative burden as well -- allowing management of physical and virtual desktops, mobile devices and even cloud-based resources from one console. The cover story in the inaugural edition of Access magazine explores the hype versus reality around workspace management and delivery.

    Also in this issue, expert columnists tackle the changing role of desktop administrators and the future of mobile strategies. The Device Spotlight shines on Samsung and Google's Chromebook Pro, which is a premium laptop, but is it worth the price? Finally, read about how one IT department used desktop virtualization to overcome a challenge with Windows apps and how IT pros define end-user computing.

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  • Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect

    Using telepresence robotics, you can have an out-of-body experience like in the movie Avatar. Learn how to build such a robotic system. Continue Reading

  • K-12 market: Channel takes on networking, storage, security projects

    Students are heading for vacation, but K-12 sector projects in networking, storage and security are getting underway for channel partners with an education focus. Continue Reading

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  • Which is better for WLAN support: Mac or Windows?

    Choosing the right laptop for WLAN support usually boils down to Macintosh versus Windows. But of the two, there is only one OS clearly up to the task, our expert maintains. Continue Reading

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X270 packs business features into a smaller PC

    Get to know the Lenovo ThinkPad X270, including its optional processor choices, the ThinkPad pointing stick and its extended battery life. Continue Reading

  • Honey, I shrunk the app: Micro apps herald new age of mobile dev

    Applications built decades ago weren't meant for today's mobile workflows. That's why mobile application development platforms are evolving to take into account the data users need from those legacy systems. Developers can create micro apps, which serve single purposes and pull in information from back-end databases. This month's cover story explores the tools behind micro apps and how applications have evolved from the complex beasts they once were.

    But as organizations turn their attention to micro apps for mobile devices, they must also consider offering unified workspaces to users across different endpoints and OSes. One columnist discusses this trend, while another provides some tips for eliminating common mobile strategy roadblocks. Also in this issue, expert Gabe Knuth gives an overview of user experience monitoring for virtual desktops. And the Device Spotlight shines on Lenovo's ThinkPad X270.

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