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  • Internet of Medical Things improves patient experience

    While fairly well established in healthcare for inventory control, the Internet of Medical Things also is now being used to improve patient satisfaction. Continue Reading

  • What's the best way to prevent accelerometer tracking?

    Attackers can use accelerometer tracking on mobile devices as an eavesdropping tool. Here are some ways to reduce the threat to your device. Continue Reading

  • LBS technology expands customer service, business operations

    Many modern consumers and workers are always tuned-in to the digital world. They have laptops, tablets and smartphones that chirp and beep away with incoming messages. Those devices are also sending out information -- tweets and texts, yes -- but also location data. Companies looking to score an edge are turning to location-based services (LBS) technology to better engage and understand consumers and workers.

    In the cover story of the October 2015 issue of Business Information, executive editor Lauren Horwitz reveals some of the creative ways companies are employing LBS technology to reach out to customers at the right time and in the right place. But for that timing to be just right, Horwitz writes later in a column, businesses and IT professionals need to dig deep into customer data gathered from sources such as account information, social media and online chats. If they do that, targeted encounters with customers will have a better chance for success.

    Organizations are also benefiting greatly from LBS technology in tracking the work routines of their own employees. In another feature, reporter Ed Burns looks at two very divergent industries, healthcare and trucking. First, he demonstrates how one major hospital used location tracking to improve the floor movements of its nurses. Burns continues with the story of a large package-delivery company that integrated routes and weather data to more accurately estimate delivery time.

    On a more personal note, this issue covers job satisfaction of IT professionals. Also, find out how one business intelligence director convinced a governor and his cabinet to overhaul the state's inefficient database management system. Continue Reading

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