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  • Evaluate the three EMM security options: MDM, MAM and MIM

    There is more to EMM security than meets the eye. When it comes to safeguarding corporate devices, IT should consider all three EMM components: MAM, MDM and MIM. Continue Reading

  • How the AppConfig Community sets the MAM standard

    An assembly of EMM vendors and developers continue their quest to standardize mobile app configuration and management technology across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Continue Reading

  • Building a layered enterprise mobile security strategy

    As enterprises expand their mobile footprint, the security risks to their data multiply: an unattended tablet, unsecured Wi-Fi network or malware from a third-party app is all it takes for data loss or a security breach to occur. Protecting just one of these aspects of mobility isn't enough. To address these vulnerabilities, IT executives are now taking a layered approach to mobile security and management. They protect the app layer, for example, with secure containers and the device layer with mobile device management.

    In this SearchCIO handbook, Mary K. Pratt lists the tiers of tools and technologies that are increasingly being incorporated into organizations' mobile security strategies. In our second piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen talks about how delivering good mobile security involves closely examining the risks before heaping on the rules. In our last piece, Features Writer Jason Sparapani catches up with Gartner's Dionisio Zumerle, who talks about how mobile security involves finding a balance between business and user needs.

     Continue Reading

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  • Protecting data on the go

    Ever since the dawn of the BYOD era, personal and business data have comingled. Enterprise security pros need to not only secure company-owned devices; they must also protect the business data that ends up, inevitably, on smartphones, tablets and laptops that the employees own and carry everywhere.

    This technical guide considers in depth two recent security concerns: the security risks created by insecure implementation of cloud backups by mobile and the phenomena known as BYOD mobile app data slurping. Then, in our concluding chapter, we consider the best means to approaching mobile data protection today. We cover how to approach creating a mobile application security program that employees will accept and follow. We also consider when and how to employ a mobile app reputation service, in order to weed out which apps are likely malicious. Specific tools for mobile protection -- mobile device management and mobile application management tools -- are also discussed.

    This technical guide provides a collection of information on the latest threats to mobile data as well as advice on how to ensure your enterprise has the best mobile app security possible. Continue Reading

  • Three steps to better mobile app security

    Better mobile app security in the enterprise starts with a few steps -- protect data confidentiality, integrity and access. Continue Reading

  • Comparing iOS 8 vs. Android 5.0 for enterprise use

    The standardization provided in iOS makes it easier to manage than Android, but Google is quickly catching up with new features such as Android for Work. Continue Reading

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