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  • How to resolve team conflict

    Arguing team members can derail a project. Project managers can help resolve the issue by finding its root cause. Continue Reading

  • Designing an MDM project plan

    Master data management (MDM) projects require enterprise buy-in and participation in order to be successful. In this chapter, learn how to identify the people in the organization that can benefit from MDM and how to assemble an MDM project team. Discover how to establish and communicate the MDM business case, learn tips for collecting and prioritizing data requirements, developing a plan for enterprise data integration and designing a migration plan for the participating applications. Learn how to tackle these key steps and how to develop a successful MDM project plan in this chapter. Setting the stage for assembling the right team for an MDM program involves determining the best opportunities to socialize the internal value across the enterprise landscape. As this chapter has shown, this socialization is performed along a number of avenues: Communicating the value of presenting a centralized master data asset to the business clients, application owners, and operations staff Identifying the key stakeholders that will participate in the MDM program Carefully articulating within a project charter what will be achieved by the MDM program and how the corresponding milestones will be reached Providing a means for coordinating the participants to reduce conflict and encourage consensus Carefully detailing roles and responsibilities Analyzing the data requirements to establish MDM feasibility ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 2.7 Summary Continue Reading

  • Six ways to handle a dysfunctional team

    Personality clashes can drive a team into the ground. To stop your team from heading in that direction, try following these six steps. Continue Reading