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  • context awareness

    Context awareness is the ability of a system or system component to gather information about its environment at any given time and adapt behaviors accordingly. Contextual or context-aware computing uses software and hardware to automatically collect and analyze data to guide responses. Continue Reading

  • Rise to the challenges in using HTML5 for mobile apps

    Developers and architects should know the benefits and limitations of HTML5 for mobile apps. Starting with this tip could be a good first step. Continue Reading

  • HTML5 rewrites the rules on website, mobile app development

    For Web and mobile application developers, advances in HTML5 mean big changes. The fifth iteration of the Hypertext Markup Language has freed businesses and developers from platform-dependent design -- and provided the means to leverage new responsive-design techniques for content that will adjust to every user's device.

    In this special edition of Business Information, learn how HTML5 is upgrading enterprises' ability to create robust Web and mobile applications. First, software designer, architect and engineer Alan Arthur Katz details why Web applications built without HTML5 are, well, dull. Katz implores organizations that have chosen to hold off on HTML5 migration to change their minds. Migrating now, he writes, involves little cost or risk. Next, Tim Converse, director of software quality assurance and technical support operations at SiO2 Corp., looks into what HTML5 really is. "It's both a new standard in HTML and a label for a collection of tools and technologies," Converse writes. To close, IT journalist George Lawton details for readers why a "cautious and holistic" approach to HTML5 security is a must. Continue Reading

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