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  • What are the biggest mobile device security threats?

    As long as there are mobile devices, there will always be security risks for organizations to face. Four IT professionals share what they think the worst issues are today. Continue Reading

  • The best endpoint security practices are evolving and essential

    Ever since the first mobile device hit the enterprise network, best endpoint security practices have been a major IT concern. What's happened since then has been a staggering proliferation of the number and types of devices on the network, complicated by increasing numbers of mobile and remote corporate employees, all of which have essentially ended the traditional idea of a corporate network security perimeter. Firewalls and other more traditional security appliances may still be in use, and rightly so, but endpoint security management is more critical than ever in keeping enterprise systems and data safe from malicious actors.

    The summer Insider Edition, our Information Security magazine quarterly e-zine, looks at what's new in endpoint security management, from the best endpoint security tools to consider now, and what other efforts beyond tools infosec pros can employ to best secure all those pesky mobile endpoints wandering in and out of corporate corridors.

    This Insider Edition offers expert assessments on the endpoint security technology vendors have developed to combat mutating ransomware like WannaCry -- from machine learning to multivendor partnerships to behavior analytics. Also included is an exploration of mobile endpoint security tools like application containers and app wrapping. CISOs must focus now on how the threats, and the technological advances to fight them, are changing and factor these considerations into any endpoint security strategy.

    Readers will come away with a deeper understanding of the best endpoint security tools and techniques available and be able to consider the most advanced approaches available to locking down the company data and systems that endpoints can access.

     Continue Reading

  • Compliance, security and oversight for the mobile enterprise

    Managing mobile devices just keeps getting harder. Devices and apps are proliferating. Every data breach seems to prompt new rules. We lay out the problem and a plan. Continue Reading

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