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  • How to approach mobile password management for the enterprise

    When simple passwords no longer provide sufficient security, look to other options. Here are some ways to modernize password management for your enterprise. Continue Reading

  • So many ways to deliver applications, so little time

    In lieu of installing all apps directly on users' desktops and mobile devices, IT has a plethora of options to deliver applications -- desktop and application virtualization, desktop as a service, web apps and hybrid strategies. Each method comes with advantages and drawbacks when it comes to security, compatibility, cost and development complexity. This month's cover story of Access magazine delves into these issues to help you figure out what's best for your different applications.

    In a column, our enterprise desktop expert explains when it's better to deliver full desktops versus single applications. And along with determining how to deliver applications, it's critical to focus on the back-end infrastructure. Another column this month explores what to consider for the third-party systems behind mobile specifically. The Deep Dive looks at mobile threat detection technology and why it hasn't reached critical mass yet. Finally, the new App Spotlight shines on Slack, a growing option for enterprise collaboration.

     Continue Reading

  • How mobile threat detection tools spot incoming attacks

    EMM configurations can help safeguard the enterprise from attacks, but mobile threat detection tools take a different approach to actively pinpoint security issues. Continue Reading

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  • Leaky enterprise? Data loss tops mobile security threats

    Many CISOs are now in the hot seat, seeking better ways to embrace mobility while combating high-priority mobile security threats. As mobile devices become productivity tools, security professionals need to pay attention to data classification and mobile risk assessment. Failed attempts to safeguard enterprise data by banning mobile data access or locking down smartphones and tablets demonstrate a pressing need for more effective strategies against mobile security threats. We explore pitfalls to avoid and best practices that have proven effective. Learn about emerging technologies -- from containerized apps to context-aware policies -- that can help your enterprise stop costly mobile data leaks.

    Integration and better performance is the name of the game as enterprise firewalls offer greater visibility, next-generation IPS and advanced threat functionality without slowing down the network. We asked readers who plan to invest in security technology in the next the 12 months which enterprise firewalls and advanced threat detection tools made it onto their short lists. We unveil Readers’ Top Picks for enterprise firewalls from perimeter to next generation systems. We also ask them about the layers of defense, namely advanced threat detection, that they seek for these security appliances. Finally, keeping up with technology advances can become a full-time job. We ask CISOs what strategies they adopt to follow the latest tech and how they find benchmarks to determine its enterprise effectiveness. Continue Reading

  • Stale, dead apps emerging as serious mobile security risks

    At RSA 2015, Appthority president and co-founder Domingo Guerra outlines emerging mobile security risks enterprises must be aware of -- and the issues aren't limited to just bring your own devices (BYOD). Continue Reading

  • Mobile security: The battle beyond malware

    Combating the wrong enemy? Evolving threats and new attack surfaces demand your mobile security strategy keep pace. Continue Reading

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