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  • Security standards for healthcare information systems needed

    In order to achieve interoperability of security tools and strengthen security, one CIO said that there must be security standards for healthcare information systems. Continue Reading

  • New tactics for better endpoint security threat prevention

    Endpoint security threat prevention tools are crucial in your endpoint management strategy. This three-part technical guide will help you develop and advance your existing endpoint security management approach. It includes a chapter that outlines seven fundamental steps to take to make sure endpoints entering your network are kept as secure as possible. Chapter two advises on how to raise that endpoint security baseline even higher by using network access control, data loss prevention and strategic data destruction. Our final chapter considers where a cloud service fits into an enterprise security strategy focused on endpoints.

    This guide is created with today's enterprise infosec pro in mind, the person on the frontlines -- that is, the corporate IT department -- in the battle against the hackers aiming to steal corporate data and infiltrate enterprise networks. Readers of this guide will come away with a better understanding of the latest tools and techniques to provide better endpoint security threat prevention.

     Continue Reading

  • Improve endpoint security protection with advanced tools and techniques

    Better endpoint security protection is possible with NAC, DLP and other tools and techniques. Learn how they fit together to improve enterprise endpoint protection. Continue Reading

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